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Delivery service dropping food off near Mosaic Dallas in Dallas, Texas



Residents of Mosaic Dallas enjoy all the pleasures of life in the heart of the city, including access to plenty of amazing food options. But sometimes eating out isn’t on the menu, or you just need a quiet evening in, or entertaining friends with your own eclectic cocktail concoctions. Whatever your reason for dining in, it’s helpful to know what delivery services are available to you. That’s where we come in. Check out this guide to food delivery options in Dallas.


DoorDash is a popular app-focused food delivery service that’s expanding across the country. Delivery pricing depends on where you live, how much you order, and how busy it is, so it’s not super cut and dried. It’s also worth noting the online reviews for this service aren’t stellar. A recent Tech Crunch article reported their menu price markups and service fees to be fairly low (11%) compared to the competition, while their delivery fees were much higher.


GrubHub is another app-based delivery service that has slightly better reviews than DoorDash but still not great. GrubHub’s pricing model seems to work similarly to DoorDash. GrubHub also offers the option of placing an order through their app and then picking up your own food, but you will pay more for this than if you just call the restaurant and place your own pickup order.


Another app-based service, EatStreet gets much higher ratings from users than other services. Unlike other services, its drivers are not considered independent contractors, improving both driver job satisfaction and the service they provide. EatStreet also offers the option to order through them and then pick up your food, but you’ll probably save money by ordering directly from the restaurant.


Yet another app-based delivery service, Caviar has a fairly high rating with users. Fees are based on your distance from the restaurant, the total order value, and an additional service fee of up to 18%.

Favor Delivery

Based in Austin, Favor Delivery is fairly popular among users, although it’s not as fast as other delivery services. Fees are reasonable at around $6 for delivery – which can vary by geographic area or restaurant – plus a service fee of 5% to 16%, and an optional tip for the driver. Drivers also get 35% of the delivery fee.

Uber Eats

Like its parent company, Uber Eats is the food delivery service users love to hate. But what makes it so well known is also its strength – being everywhere. And if you use their rideshare services, you’re already fairly familiar with their app interface. One other thing in its favor is the company’s announcement in March that it would wave delivery fees for independently owned restaurants affected by COVID-19. Service fees are up to 15% of the total order, plus additional fees for undersized orders, as well as the tip you pay the driver.

One other thing to note: All these services all charge restaurants a percentage of their sales, so if you’re actively trying to support local restaurants, it will probably be more helpful for you to order food for pickup or from restaurants that employ their own delivery drivers.

We hope this guide helps you get your hands on some tasty local grub. For more tips on living each day to its fullest, check out the Mosaic Dallas blog.