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Woman eating a fried chicken drumstick.



There’s nothing quite as delicious (or unhealthy!) as deep-fried food. A short dunking in blistering hot oil can elevate any edible substance, from okra to spongy eggplant to shrimp – and even bland tofu! When you start with something that’s already delicious, the results can be life-changing. Read on for a few deep-frying recipe selections you would have to be crazy (or concerned for your health) to miss. 

Also, if you attempt any of these recipes, please be careful! And do so at your own risk. 

Deep-Fried Chicken

The father of all fried food and the mother of unhealthy cuisine, fried chicken is done differently all across the country, but it’s always delicious. We like this Southern-style recipe from Serious Eats that uses a buttermilk marinade to tenderize the meat while ensuring it stays moist. This recipe also uses both a deep fryer and your oven for crispy, evenly cooked drumsticks. 

Deep-Fried Turkey

One of the best ways to cook a turkey, if you can swing it, this method locks in moisture and creates truly crispy skin. The downside is it requires a LOT of oil, which can be very dangerous. The recipe we consulted from Taste of Home lays out a few ground rules before you can even get started: Only do it outside, make sure it’s on a flat, stable surface, have a fire extinguisher ready, and no drinking and frying allowed. Also, be sure to wear proper safety gear and keep children and pets far, far away. Check out the recipe for a full breakdown of this fantastic way to either rule or ruin your next Thanksgiving. 

Buffalo Cauliflower

We need at least one (almost) healthy entry! And not only is there no meat involved, it’s even vegan – assuming you haven’t also been cooking meat in that same oil. This unique take on Buffalo chicken wings calls for cauliflower florets that have been dredged in batter, deep-fried, and tossed in your favorite wing sauce. Here’s the full recipe from Serious Eats.

Deep-Fried Ice Cream

It sounds like it would just melt, right? But it doesn’t – and it tastes incredible. The key is to scoop the ice cream ahead of time and freeze for at least an hour, so it’s extra frozen and hard. Then you coat it in a mixture of cornflakes and other tidbits. Here’s a recipe from Taste of Home.  

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