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When there’s an upcoming holiday, you can always count on good shopping sales and killer deals you can’t find the rest of the year. But when it comes down to it, you have to actually be prepared for the items you need when looking for deals. Labor Day is coming up, and we’ve got four tips to help you get the best deals this holiday.

Outdoor Furniture

Labor Day marks the “end of grilling season” in most parts of the country. Expect big discounts on anything and everything you would use for outdoor entertaining, including furniture, grills, outdoor lights, outdoor decor, and more. Retailers typically try to clear out their summer inventory, and specifically outdoor goods, during their Labor Day sales. Beyond Labor Day, you won’t find much outdoor furniture or goods available for purchase, since many stores stop stocking in the winter months. So, take advantage while you can and gear up for next summer’s soirees!

Summer Clothing & Swimwear

Take advantage of back-to-school sales and Labor Day sales this year by stocking up on next year’s summer clothing – think hats, swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts, and dresses. Hey, invest in a few nice pieces for yourself you passed on this year! You’ll save yourself some money and be happy when you bust out your new pieces next summer.


Appliances are known to be deeply discounted starting in September. Most companies who distribute large appliances, like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and washer and dryers, roll out next year’s new models around September or October. So right around Labor Day, stores are looking to liquidate the current years’ product. If you’ve got an appliance on the way out, now’s the time to update it.


Labor Day is one of the best times to buy a new mattress. The holiday marks the official end of summer, a time where mattress retailers offer excellent discounts and sales on all types of mattresses. You sleep on it every night, for roughly eight hours each night, it has to be good, right?! If you’ve been needing a new mattress, definitely hold off for Labor Day sales. Trust us, your body and mind will thank you.

Sign up for your favorite retailer’s emails and text message alerts, and get ready to stack those deals this Labor Day! For more shopping tips and hints, check out our blog at Union At Carrollton Square.