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Dachshund dog in pink sportswear, wearing wristbands and a sweatband and resting its paw on a silicone dumbbell toy



After a one-year hiatus, the annual Buda Wiener Dog Races are back! And, believe us, it’s a spectacle you don’t want to miss. If you happen to have a speedy dachshund in your crew, consider putting their talents to the test at the April 23-24 event at Buda City Park. These five training tips will help your dachshund win the Buda Wiener Dog Races.

Treats! Lots of Treats!

Nothing motivates dogs quite like treats – and that might be your ticket to getting your wiener dog used to sprinting in a straight line. And, really, that’s the No. 1 thing you’re shooting for in training.

Start Small

As you teach your wiener dog the basics of sprinting in a straight line, start small. Master short distances first and work your way up.

Use Their Favorite Toy

If your dachshund is toy motivated, use that to your advantage. You won’t be able to bring food onto the track on race day, so once your dog has the racing basics down, start using their favorite toy as the carrot that coaxes them to run full speed. And don’t forget that toy on race day, as the Buda Wiener Dog Races rules allow you to bring it along.


Fetch – it’s like interval training for dogs! Get those legs and lungs moving with regular fetch sessions. And a wiener dog’s short legs mean you don’t need a huge space to get in some real work. Thankfully, Carrington Oaks’ onsite pet park is a great training ground for your dachshund athlete.

Above All, Have Fun!

As you train, remember what you’re training for – wiener dog races. It’s meant to be a fun, bonding experience between you, your dog, and other dachshund devotees.

Things to Know About the Races

Pre-Registration is Available

First of all, pre-register your pup is a good idea. Check out the Buda Lions Cubs website for details. Race-day registration is available, but it’s wise to save yourself and organizers the hassle by wrapping that up in advance.

Make Sure Your Dog Is in the Right Race

The races are dachshund and mixed breed competitions. What does that mean, exactly? In order to qualify for the dachshund division, your dog must be a certified dachshund. That doesn’t mean they need to be AKC registered, though. The race rules break it down nicely: Dogs “must have the specific breed characteristics as stated by the AKC. Veterinarians will be on site to make sure dogs are qualified dachshunds and not a mixed breed.”

Be Prepared to Show Your Shot Records

All dogs must have current shots. Rabies in particular. Be prepared to produce shot records if the need should arise

There Will Be Prizes

Trophies and award money will be handed out Sunday, April 24, after the final race. So there’s genuine incentive to put the above training tips to use. Just be sure to share in the winnings with your speedy pup!

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