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A smiling female barista with short hair and glasses frothing milk with an espresso machine at a coffee shop in Buda.

Wake Up at These Coffee Shops in Buda

Whether you are meeting a friend or you are looking for a place to meet coworkers for a meeting and a cup of coffee, these coffee shops near your new apartment are a great place to meet up and socialize with others. Coffee shops are also a great place to stop for a "pick-me-up" before work or during a break throughout your work day.

The following are three of the coffee shops that you need to try next time you want your caffeine fix when you are out and about.

Summer Moon Coffee

If you want to experience a coffee shop at a new level, then make sure you stop by Summer Moon Coffee. They roast their own coffee beans over an open flame in their unique brick roaster, making them one-of-a-kind! There are tons of flavors to satisfy your coffee craving including velvet blaze, billowing, sweat hearth, fireside, afterglow, or inferno. If you are a huge fan, you can even check out their line of merchandise!

Summon Cafe

Summon Cafe is a local cafe that is dedicated to using only the area's most local and fresh ingredients in every recipe. They brew a variety of coffees right in their cafe, so you can be sure they are super fresh. Combine a delicious coffee with a variety of homemade breakfast sandwiches, pastries, or even ice cream for a perfect treat. Whether you are a latte, mocha, or Americano type, Summon Cafe has the coffee for you.

Tiny House Coffee Roasters

Tiny House Coffee Roasters are strong believers in supporting "the little" guy, whether it's local farms or small brewing companies that produce coffee and tea. Their goal is to keep sustainability and growth at the forefront of their business, while making sure to serve the best teas and coffees that Buda has to offer. If Tiny House Coffee Roasters really satisfies your caffeine craving, be sure to take home a bag of their coffee for later!

These are 3 of the best coffee shops located near your new apartment at Carrington Oaks. We encourage you to support our local businesses and give these quaint, unique coffee shops a try next time you are looking for a quick "pick-me-up" during your day. After you’ve finished your morning coffee, consider heading out to one of these nearby state parks! For more information on the best places to get coffee in Buda or for more information about renting an apartment at Carrington Oaks, please feel free to contact us for further assistance. We are always here and happy to help!