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A football player in full gear holding football in his left hand while he beckons with his right.



With the NFL season in full swing, let’s take a moment to see how the Houston Texans are faring so far.

Disclaimer: This blog was written before Week 2 of the NFL season.

The Good: Tyrod Taylor

After an offseason all about Deshaun Watson’s off-the-field issues, backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who, lest we forget, was a Pro Bowl talent once upon a time, managed to pull off a dominant Week 1 victory over the No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence-led Jacksonville Jaguars. With legwork and deep-ball accuracy on par with the currently benched Watson, Taylor made a big impression in the opener. It’s far too soon to start talking division title, but the Texans came out looking far better than most experts suspected.

The Bad: The Jacksonville Jaguars Football Team

While many players, coaches, and analysts will publicly say there are no "easy wins" in the NFL, the Texans certainly tested that theory against the Jaguars. College football coaching legend-turned-NFL head coach Urban Meyer looked out of his depth much of the game. Bad screen pass calls against obvious zone formations, and too many unnecessary penalties helped mitigate the Texans' poor pass rush and embarrassing gaps in the coverage. Don't get it twisted. The Texans played good ball, but the next 16 games won't be against first-time coaches and rookie QBs.

The Ugly: Deshaun Watson

As well as Taylor played, it’s widely believed that Watson, despite all of his off-field troubles, remains a once-in-a-generation talent who should be kept on the roster, if possible, or traded for significant draft/player capital. However, with a no-trade clause allowing Watson to veto any deal and the Texans' front office unable to make a trade happen with a team Watson would willing go to, the Texans and Watson seem to be stuck together for now.

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