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Do you know the best way to get rid of the blues? According to B.B. King, it’s all about the music. “Blues is a tonic for whatever ails you,” he said. But there’s one other thing he missed in that assessment: barbecue.

Get ready for the ultimate tonic in this September’s inaugural Blues and BBQ Festival. It takes place on the weekend of Sept. 18 at Buck’s Backyard here in Buda. Come hungry, because the menu will include brisket, ribs, chicken, beans, and margaritas.

As for the music, you’ll find some of Texas’ best blues musicians. Ten are scheduled to perform. Here are a few spotlights to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Van Wilks

Texas blues-rock legend Van Wilks, a Texas Music Hall of Famer, has been churning out hits since releasing his first album, Bombay Tears, in 1980. He went on to release five more solo albums, including 21st Century Blues in 2015, all while treating audiences across the globe to his flashy guitar work and soulful voice.

W. C. Clark

Rock n’ roll, soul, funk, blues … W.C. Clark does it all. An Austin native, Clark is known as the “Godfather of Austin Blues.” He believes that the blues “makes your soul feel clean.” A performer and mentor for the past 40 years, Clark illustrates what it looks like – or sounds like, rather – to perfect your craft. He has toured all over the world; his next stop is Buck’s Backyard.

Chris Duarte

Often praised as a savant, Chris Duarte is well-known for his ever-evolving, eclectic talent. Having been in the industry for decades, many fans have enjoyed following his growth as a musician. He’s also dedicated not only to the craft of music making, but to the art of live performance – sharing his music with audiences. Duarte has toured tirelessly throughout his life, using his music to build that important connection with those who are listening.

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