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A Frenchie wearing a costume that looks like he is playing the guitar at Carrington Oaks



Whether you truly want to win our adorable pet contest or you’re just looking for yet another way to embarrass your snugly pet friend, Carrington Oaks has got you covered. A photo of your four-legged friend in one of these four costumes is truly the gift that keeps on giving, perfect for holiday cards, decorating your refrigerator, and reminding yourself why Fido or Sawyer – or whatever your hiply named critter is called – still insists on destroying every pair of shoes or houseplant in your home.

Rubie’s Pilgrim Boy Dog Costume

Not sure why it matters if it’s a “boy.” We won’t tell if you won’t! Your Thanksgiving will be just a little more festive with your own pilgrim under the table, licking up the stuffing crumbs.

The Ritzy Rover Turkey Costume

Keep the Thanksgiving theme going with this adorable turkey costume. The photo on The Ritzy Rover’s website shows a dog wearing it but the small version would probably fit a cat too, assuming you’re brave enough to try and stuff your fluffy overlord into a costume. That would be one crazy turkey! One thing to note is the description says both that “you will eat this one up,” and that “this costume is one you will want to gobble up.” If this sounds like you, try to remember that’s your little buddy in there!

Frisco Front Walking Santa Costume

Nothing says Christmas like an angry animal smashing all your ornaments! This adorable Santa costume works for both cats and dogs and covers only their head and front paws, so it’s arguably less cruel than other costumes on this list.

Merry & Bright Guinea Pig Reindeer Costume

Have a guinea pig or other large rodent? Dress it up as an adorable mini reindeer! This costume is great on so many levels, one being that guinea pigs already lack any sense of self respect. Chances are yours won’t even notice the outfit change.

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