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Light bulb in hand at Carrington Oaks in Buda, Texas



Looking for a burst of creative inspiration? Try these TED Talks to jump-start your inner muse.

Your Body Is My Canvas

Artist Alexa Meade shares her unique style in which her canvas is literally people and the objects around them. This will get you looking at visual art in a whole new way.

A Powerful Way to Unleash Your Natural Creativity

This TED Talk approaches creativity like a workout coach would. Author Tim Harford talks about the “slow-motion multitask” – in other words, mindful cross-training.

Fashion and Creativity

If you express yourself through clothing and need a sartorial spark, you’ll love listening to Isaac Mizrahi explore how he has found creativity and inspiration through fashion.

What Reading Slowly Taught Me About Writing

Writer Jacqueline Woodson delves into getting still, slowing down, and focusing on something fundamental to human culture: stories. Through her mindful practice of reading, she learned how to tap into her creativity as a writer using those same techniques.

4 Lessons in Creativity

Producer Julie Burstein tackles the obstacles faced by all creatives: how to deal with self-doubt, fear, and how our personal challenges are the fodder for our greatest artistic creations.

How to Build Your Creative Confidence

Entrepreneur and engineer David Kelley confronts our cultural bias about creativity – that only some people “have it.” Through stories about his own creative journeys, he validates all the varied ways people express their creativity


Your Elusive Creative Genius

The TED Talk website lists this brilliant lecture by writer Elizabeth Gilbert their number one life-changing video – and it lives up to its title. Gilbert, like Kelley, dismisses the idea that creativity is only accessible to people with a particular knack for genius. No, she argues – it’s actually part of every human’s destiny.

For more talks about creativity (there are more than 300), visit the TED Talk website. Head over to our blog for more lifestyle topics and updates on local events.