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Closeup of black and orange Halloween-themed socks



Looking to put a little scare into your step this Halloween? Check out these spooky socks and slippers that’ll turn your feet into bona fide fright machines!

Buggin' Out Plush Slippers

Why settle for two legs when you can have eight? These cute but creepy crawlers are bound to make everyone at home more than a little antsy.

Zombie Plush Slippers

If you’re more interested in scaring yourself, step into the blood-gushing mouths of these zombie plush slippers and feel all the chills running up your spine. It’s only natural to let out a little scream when you see them, eyes bulging, jagged teeth nomming away at delicious flesh!

Twilight Terror Cthulhu Slippers Plush

Nothing beats handmade goods crafted with love – and cosmic horror. If you want to let everyone know you’re a proud member of the cult of Cthulhu, stomp around wearing these Lovecraftian slippers made in the celestial monster’s image!

Nevermore Crew Socks

Let everyone know you’re big-brained and read literature and stuff with these macabre socks inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s narrative poem The Raven.

Candy Corn Halloween Sock Treats Socksmith

Wanna know what’s really scary? Candy corn. For some reason, many people just hate the stuff – even though they’re wrong, and it’s actually delicious. Nevertheless, you should take advantage of their silly fear and wear these spoopy socks of candy corn terror!

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