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This year’s Buda Trash Off occurs on April 9 from 8:30 to 11 AM. Head over to the City Park Pavilion for the kick-off and get your team assignments.

Why participate in this annual event? Here are just a few reasons to get you excited about the Trash Off.

Build a Strong Community

When people come together for the benefit of their town, it builds strong bonds and a healthy foundation for a thriving community. After all, community isn’t just about holiday fairs, parades, and street markets. Community is also about giving back in ways that benefit everyone, whether that’s volunteer mentorship, donating to food drives, or spending a few hours once a year cleaning up litter.

Give Buda a Little Love

Buda prides itself on being a clean, “budiful” place to live. But it can’t maintain those standards alone – it needs the help of its residents to stay that way. Joining in the Trash Off is a great way to give Buda some love and appreciation.

Do Something Good for the Environment

Did you know that litter can cause serious environmental and public health issues? Litter attracts insects and rodents, which carry disease and disrupt ecosystems. It can harm and even kill local wildlife if they ingest harmful items or get tangled in discarded packaging. Litter can cause fires, and is classified as pollution because of the potential harm it can cause to air, soil, and water. By cleaning up litter, you are literally protecting the environmental health of the area – which means all those who live in it, as well.

Get a Free T-Shirt

If you pre-register before March 11, you’ll get to enjoy this little perk: a free t-shirt that shows off your community spirit. You can even wear this during the event to demonstrate your Buda pride. And don’t worry about the other necessary gear – you’ll be provided with gloves and bags at the kick-off.

Have Fun

This might be the best reason of all. Go enjoy the Trash Off simply because you’ll have fun. Go alone and meet new friends. Or get your friends and family together and make a day of it. Spending some time in the sun with others is guaranteed to make you smile.

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