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It’s fall, a favorite season here in Texas. Sure, the warm days and cool nights make it a challenging time for fashion, but you can still build an autumn wardrobe of your dreams with these stylish fabrics that can handle the variety of temperatures.


This unisex classic is comfortable, adds a splash of pattern and texture to an outfit, and is light enough for the warm days, yet heavy enough to keep you warm as the temperature cools later in the day. In pants or jackets, you can’t go wrong, especially with this wash-and-go fabric.


What self-respecting Texan doesn’t have some suede in their closet? It’s a great choice for our climate, when leather might be too heavy for the warm fall days, and the right piece, like this vest, can make quite a bold statement.


This soft, luxurious fabric never goes out of a style and is a great way to add some class to a casual outfit, or to kick a more formal outfit up a notch. Try this vest for a date night, or this unique men’s bomber jacket.


This fabric gets a bad rap, often avoided because it’s too heavy or itchy. In reality, wool comes in a variety of weights and varying levels of softness, and it is actually well-suited for wearing year-round thanks to its ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Try a classic wool pencil skirt or a wool shirt-style jacket.

Canvas Cotton

Who knew that ranch-style work jackets would one day inspire everyday fashion? A canvas coat, dressed up with a wide-brimmed hat, or worn with jeans is a perfect autumn layer – both modern and vintage at the same time.

Have fun this season mixing and matching old classics and trying fabrics you’ve never worn before. And for some inspiration on accessorizing this season, check out Elle’s runway slideshow.