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Modern composition of living room interior with elegant accessories.



Our home is a lifestyle catch-all. It invites us in after a hard day’s work at the office. It’s a social hub for at-home happy hours with friends. It’s the place you have pizza dates with your SO. Why not punch up your home decor for next-level living at Carrington Oaks? Check out these four fun ways to really amp up the WOW factor in your apartment.

1. Determine Your Interior Decor Style

This step should not be skipped! Creating a cohesive, appealing home environment is so much easier if you know what design style you prefer. Are you into the boho-chic trend? Or maybe it’s all country farmhouse in your place. Not sure what your style is classified as? No problem! Take this quick quiz to see where you land on the design style meter.

2. Make It Personal

Whether it’s geographical maps of your birth city, or knickknacks from your 2017 trip to Costa Rica, adding a personal touch to your space is what makes your home interesting. Think of these elements as a conversation starter or a memory ignitor, and place throughout your home as points of interest.

3. Be Intentional

While the personal elements of your home are uber-important for punching up that WOW factor, it’s also imperative to ensure your home isn’t a drop zone for times past. We’re talking about ditching those college team logo flags hanging above your couch or getting rid of the mismatched hand-me-down bedsheets you’ve had since you first moved out of your parents’ place. Make your decor count and place things throughout your home with intentionality. Don’t just bog down bookcases with endless clutter – ask yourself if the item you’re placing there is sparking joy for you, like the organizing expert Marie Kondo does so effortlessly.

4. Go for the Expensive Look

Whether you’re working with a limited budget or have a bit of financial freedom, there are plenty of ways to make your home look expensive, without dropping crazy dollar signs. From making it smell nice to keeping clutter at bay, going for the expensive look draws inspiration from our previous discussion about being intentional. Keep surfaces clean and really make your decor count.

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