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Woman handing out produce at farmers market near Carrington Oaks in Buda, Texas



Here in Central Texas, we’re lucky enough to have the Downtown Buda Farmers Market every Sunday, where farmers, producers, and artisans can gather to provide fresh local goods, promote sustainability, and support healthy living. This weekly farmers market is held at the Buda Mill and Grain Co., a newly redeveloped historic site that has been converted into a unique venue that also includes shopping, dining, yoga, and more. Here are four of our favorite vendors to check out next time you’re at the Downtown Buda Farmers Market.

Gray Gardens

Buda’s very own sustainable urban farm, Gray Gardens, is a must-visit at the weekly market. Gray Gardens has been producing fresh veggies for the Buda and Austin communities for over five years through various markets, a community-supported agriculture program, and acting as a resource to some restaurants. The produce is beyond fresh and a great addition to weeknight meals.

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

There’s nothing quite like that first thirst-quenching sip of kombucha, and one in particular – Buddha’s Brew Kombucha. A passion for meditation and spiritual practice, along with kombucha's tendency to produce calm whole-body energy explains the name – Buddha's Brew. The best part about stopping at Buddah’s Brew? You can reduce waste and refill your jar at the farmers market.

Loco Avocado

We are loco for Loco Avocado! This melt-in-your-mouth creamy avocado goodness is an amazing addition to any meal. There are four different types of dip that feature heart-healthy avocados combined with fresh tomatillos, jalapeño, and serrano peppers, it’s creamy meets spicy, and flavorful meets fresh. But we can’t promise you’ll have it for long, because it’s just that good.

Odd Pop

Get your sweet tooth fix at Odd Pop, a unique and “odd” popsicle company that serves the Austin, Texas, area with gourmet and artisan popsicles. Savor the end of summer with this sweet and cold treat, where there is something for everyone – yes, even dog pops for your pup. Try the Lemon Thai Basil, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or a classic like Chocolate Raspberry as you stroll the rest of the market.

Next Sunday, or every Sunday, make sure you hit up the Downtown Buda Farmers Market. There are plenty more great vendors to browse and you never know what new discoveries you may find. For more local flavor around Buda and Austin, check out the Carrington Oaks blog.