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A brown and tan dachshund sitting



Sadly, we will not be treated to the Buda Wiener Dog Races this year. This annual spectacle is a sight to behold, and we can’t wait until the beloved sausage-shaped dogs charge out of the race gates next spring. In the meantime, let’s celebrate with some fun facts about this ever-popular breed with German roots.

Hunting Badgers is Their Thing

Dachshunds' squatty legs, long bodies, and fiery temperament came in handy back when they were bred specifically for hunting badgers. In fact, the word dachshund means badger dog in German. These fearless pups used their low-to-the-ground profile to easily track scents and squeeze through burrows.

They Were Once Called “Liberty Pups”

For real! During World War I, dachshunds were often used to derogatorily portray Germany by other countries in propaganda campaigns. This prompted the American Kennel Club to launch a dachshund rebranding effort. The organization attempted to rename the breed to “badger dog.” Others took it in a sillier direction, calling them “liberty pups.” Needless to say, neither stuck.

Talking Wiener Dogs?

World War II is getting in on the silliness: During the conflict, Nazi scientists boldly claimed they taught the dachshunds to read, spell, and communicate telepathically. Um, yeah. Read more on Operation Hundesprechschule Asra here. It’s fascinating. Trust us.

A Dachshund Was the Olympic Mascot

Waldi the dachshund served as the very first mascot in the history of the Summer Olympics during the 1972 Games in Munich. Organizers even modeled the Olympics’ marathon route after the shape of a dachshund’s body. Now that’s dedication. Dachshunds found their way back into the mascot game recently when the Sioux Falls Stampede of the United States Hockey League renamed its team to the Fighting Wiener Dogs for a game in February.

We hope these fun facts have you amped up for next year’s wiener dog races. Be sure to check out the Carrington Oaks blog for more fun reads!