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Two smaller dogs dressed in festive costumes for the holidays



Have a dog who can’t wait to get dressed up in a funny costume this holiday season? Chances are, the answer is no. But you’ve spent every day of the last year picking up poop and going on walks, even when all you wanted was to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite shows. And now it’s payback time! Besides, your holiday card is going to be adorable.

Santa Pet Costume

If you’re an Xmas fan, you might like this cute costume. Imagine the joy of seeing jolly old Saint Nick grabbing a quick drink from the toilet and barking at squirrels. Pro tip: Don’t open any gifts he brings you.

UPS Dog Costume

If you’re more secular, you might enjoy this other bringer of presents. Not only will your little buddy be wearing the iconic brown UPS uniform, she will have a little brown box clutched in her false hands. Picture a couple of UPS drivers getting into it at the dog park. Hilarious!

Top Paw Holiday Turkey Pet Hat

If you enjoy turkey after Thanksgiving, you might also enjoy this incredibly cruel turkey hat for dogs! You have to visit the link to truly experience its power to humiliate. Others must also have taken pity on the dog in the picture, because this thing is on sale for $1 at PetSmart.

Deadly Doll Halloween Dog Costume

This Chucky ripoff isn’t exactly themed for the winter holidays, but it likely does well to convey your pup’s true feelings about being forced to wear a costume. You could do a whole frozen-in-the-act thing in your holiday card where you’re putting a costume on the cat and the dog is sneaking up behind you with his foam knife. Just think about it…

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