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Woman blowing on a spoonful of mashed red berries that she is holding above a half-filled pot.



Jam. Everybody knows jam. The gooey, sweet fruit-flavored substance you spread on toast or an English muffin in the morning. In restaurants, it often shows up in tiny plastic containers and consists more of sugar and food coloring than actual fruit. Yep, that’s jam. But, did you know jam can also be savory? It’s true! We’ll prove it. Check out these three crazy jams you can make yourself. 

Bacon Jam

You already love bacon. And you have a soft spot for jam, am I right? Why not combine them? Just hear us out. Fry up a few pounds of bacon, cooking until it just starts to become crispy. Drain it good and job into inch-long pieces. At the same time, or before or after - doesn’t really matter when, just sometime - slice up a couple of onions and cook low and slow until caramelized. Stir in some brown sugar, coffee, and balsamic vinegar and, then combine it all together. Here’s a recipe from The Endless Meal

Tomato Jam

Sounds crazy, but tomato is a fruit, right? (It is - it’s got seeds!) This jam is great on a sliced pork loin sandwich or goat cheese crostini. Or you can eat it with a spoon. Just cook some good, really ripe, cored, and chopped tomatoes down in a pan with brown sugar, ginger, some spices, and a little vinegar until it’s thick and tastes good. Here’s a recipe from The Suburban Soapbox

Sweet Hot Red Pepper Jam

Word on the street is this jam is good with cheese on crostini or your turkey sandwiches. It might also be good on a sausage or steak sandwich. Just seed and chop a few red bell peppers and some jalapenos and throw them all in the food processor. Once they are thoroughly processed, toss in a pot with red pepper flakes, sugar, salt, a little pectin, and some apple cider vinegar. Then cook the whole mess until thick and tasty. Here’s a recipe from The View From Great Island.

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