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A-frame AirBnB small house on the river



We all love a good vacation. A time to get away, recharge, refocus, and relax. A big part of a vacation is the lodging. Some of us want the luxury suite with room service at all hours of the day and night. While others of us just need a place to lay our heads between fun filled days. Whatever your fancy, here are five unique AirBnBs you can check out on your travels.

A Treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia

This isn’t your little cousin's treehouse. Okay, admittedly your little cousin is probably way more into video games than treehouses, but that’s besides the point because this treehouse is for grown ups. Located down the road from Atlanta’s city center sits a scene straight out of a fairytale. With a suspended bridge, antique furniture, and glittering lights strung all around, this little slice of fantasy is worth checking for the kid at heart who’s always wanted to live in a treehouse.

A Castle In Galway, Ireland

You read that right. For less than two hundred dollars a night you can stay in a six hundred year old castle. Now don’t worry, while the exterior looks very Game of Thrones-esque the owner has updated the castle interior with all the modern amenities while keeping some of the classic charm. Definitely worth a stay if you ever find yourself in the land of the Irish. The whole stay would be worth it just for a chance to sit on the limestone-carved toilet.

A Stargazing Pod in Sedona, Arizona

In a rural area outside of Sedona, Arizona, sits an ultra-unique Camp Verde destination. And in this camp they have a little something called stargazing pods. What is a stargazing pod you ask? Well, these pods are huge, spherical, and thick plastic domes. The bottom third of the dome is colored plastic while the rest is clear. Perfect for checking out an Arizona sky free of light pollution while still honoring your privacy. The pods are unexpectedly spacious and can be both airtight or ventilated. And forget having to rough it at this campsite – Each dome comes with a bed! They even have complimentary WiFi and a building with well-maintained restrooms and private shower stalls.

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