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A young woman in a jacket and beanie petting a brown dog on a leash on a nature trail



Having a tough time getting rolling with your 2021 fitness goals? Maybe it’s time to lean on a furry friend for some motivation and companionship. Check out this list of three amazing dog breeds that will get you off the couch – or else!

Border Collie

The favorite dog of Queen Victoria, the border collie shares none of her formality. These fun and friendly dogs bring a positive energy to every day that is sure to rub off on you. They were originally bred to herd sheep, and that instinct still manifests itself in their fanatical approach to exercise and training. They make great running companions, and with their smiley faces, it’s almost like they’re yelling out encouragement as you go! Border collies have a high level of intelligence, so keeping them mentally engaged with games and training will be important, too. Toughen up, because these dogs will keep going long after you’re ready to be done!


Also known as the Hungarian Pointer, the vizsla crushes it as a large dog with the energy, intelligence, and athleticism to go adventuring with you wherever you plan to go. Originally bred as bird dogs, they’re comfortable and happy out in nature, and they can hang with you all day long. They have a majestic look about them that reflects their aristocratic lineage; they were the royalty’s favored hunting dog throughout the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Getting daily exercise with the vizsla is a must – but you’ll enjoy your outings that much more when you’re together.

Australian Shepherd

As loyal and indefatigable as they are gorgeous, Australian shepherds make ultimate outdoor companions. Want a dog that will stick right with you on any hike? It’s the Aussie. Not only do they possess endless energy, but they’re extremely nimble, capable of picking their way through rocky terrain and bouldering. They owe that dexterity to their history as cattle dogs, used to weaving in and out of heavy traffic. If you have fitness goals that involve getting outside a lot, an Australian shepherd will hold you to them (in other words, they may drive you nuts if you don’t get them out to run off that impressive energy).

Get After It Together!

No matter which breed you choose, you can look forward to sharing memories with one of these active pups and conquering the world together. Make sure to check out the Carrington Oaks blog for more ideas on how to stay active in and around Buda.