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Women painting on canvases in a white room with glasses of wine.



Don’t just celebrate one day – celebrate a full month of love with wine and Valentine’s Day artwork at Paint with a Twist, Fort Worth’s favorite paint and sip spot.  

What exactly is a paint and sip? The concept has gained more popularity over the years but the goal is to drink wine while you paint. Yes, you can certainly just do it at home, but the convenient part of joining an event at Paint with a Twist is they provide everything you need. From the wine to the paint to the canvas. No need to dig out those dried out acrylic paint bottles you haven’t used in six years. Plus, you get to drink with your loved ones instead of by yourself.

With different painting projects, times, and dates available, you can peruse the Paint with a Twist events to plan your perfect evening. 

Squad Night

A night of painting and wine makes a great group activity. Remix your routine of hanging out and drinking together into painting art while drinking together. It’s like your regular squad nights, just fancier. Make a game out of it and vote on who has the greatest artistic ability. Make sure to leave your art major friend out of the final vote, though, because that’s just not fair. 

Couples’ Night

A night at Paint with a Twist is also a great activity for couples. Who better to paint a lovely landscape with than your main squeeze. It’s also just more economical to bring your significant other – you can both attempt to recreate the painting prompt and only keep the one that will look good on your wall. The reject you will both agree to never speak of again, and from that day forward you will tell everyone you both painted the better one together. 


Whoever you decide to paint and sip with, make a day of it. Have a fondue or a steak feast at The Hoffbrau before you go. You wouldn’t want to drink on an empty stomach. Besides the drinks you have with dinner, that is. 

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