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A closeup of collected spray paint cans of various colors, all used by a street artist

Embrace the experience of the Sweet Tooth Hotel in Allen

Experience Experimental Art at the Sweet Tooth Hotel in Allen

Traditional art museums aren't for everyone. Some people feel more connected to fun street art or cool exhibits. When you're looking for an out-of-the-box experience, head to the Sweet Tooth Hotel venue near our Allen apartments. It is the hotel in Allen where you'll find some of the coolest exhibits that are far from traditional. These are a few of the ways that you can check out this creative space near The Montgomery.

The Rewind Exhibit

The most recent exhibit at the Sweet Tooth Hotel is Rewind. It showcases a collection of both local artists and nationally renowned ones. At its center, the exhibit displays a throwback installation of an old-school videotape rental store. 

That's not all there is, though. It features 12 artists ranging from graffiti artists and painters to fiber artists. Ten individual spaces display artists' fascinating work. Exactly what you can see is under wraps, so you will have to head to the exhibit to see it for yourself. Don't miss the scavenger hunt special for this exhibit!

Become a Member

Another way that you can support the venue is to become an annual member. Not only does your membership help keep super cool art alive, but it also gives you special early access. As a member, you can see the artists working, setting up the installations before exhibits open to the public. 

You can also visit the Sweet Tooth Hotel an unlimited number of times during the year and get discounts on merchandise at the gift shop and special programs. 

Hold a Private Party

For a totally different take on the space, you can have a private event there. It's the perfect way to take fun, colorful photos and plan a custom party. The Sweet Tooth Hotel in Allen can help with food, drink, and other planning. Whether it's a birthday or just a fun get-together, your guests are sure to remember the experience. If you just want to visit with a group of fewer than 15 people, the venue offers group discounts. 

After marveling at the awesome art at Sweet Tooth Hotel in Allen, learn about history at a nearby museum. When you want to learn about our apartments in Allen, contact us. You can explore The Montgomery on a guided tour.