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Person in CrossFit gym stepping on box, with other people doing various exercises behind.



We’re at the start of a new year, which is always an excellent time to ramp up your goals and aspirations for the future. And what’s the one that most of us share? To get our health in check. Kick those New Year’s resolutions up a notch, and consider joining one of these six gyms in the Ooltewah area.

Workout Anytime Ooltewah

Workout Anytime Ooltewah offers exactly what it sounds like – members can access the large gym 24 hours a day. Workout Anytime Ooltewah offers dedicated cardio and weight areas and features the best of the best in gym equipment. And if you download the Workout Anytime app, you’ll instantly gain access to hundreds of virtual workouts and exercises. It’s like having your own personal trainer, on your time.

Fitness Studios

Fitness Studios in Chattanooga is dedicated to one-on-one personal training that makes a difference. Members will meet with a personal trainer to receive a tailored workout plan and personalized instruction to help them achieve their goals.

Fit One Gym

The only full-service gym in Ooltewah, Fit One Gym is a family-owned business that’s a great place to get a workout in. Beyond the amazing gym space and top-notch equipment, Fit One Gym offers childcare, personal training, a smoothie bar, group workout classes, and so much more.

CrossFit Ooltewah

If you’re a CrossFit lover, you'll find your box at CrossFit Ooltewah. The trainers are truly dedicated to giving you the best (ahem, intense) workouts. Not sure if CrossFit is your thing? Grab a 3 class free pass and try it out for yourself, no strings attached (though we’re sure you’ll be crawling back for more).

Orangetheory Fitness - Chattanooga

For the ultimate power hour-style workout, pop over to Orangetheory Fitness in Chattanooga. You’ll not only stay motivated with the group class setting, but you’ll also want to push yourself even harder with your heart rate stats right there on the board, on display for all to see.

D1 Training Chattanooga

Calling all athletes, D1 Training is the premier sports training facility in Chattanooga. They offer an exciting alternative to traditional workouts, with a customized state-of-the-art facility and training backed by sports science. Whether you’re an athlete or just tired of traditional workouts, it’s time to check out D1 Training.

Gear up to work out and reach those goals by considering a membership at one of these Ooltewah area gyms. For more fitness inspo, check out our blog.