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TikTok has been both a blessing and a curse to many phone scrollers. Hours of entertainment await on the popular video platform that offer laughs, tears, and delicious recipes. The Legends at White Oak found a few standout TikTok viral recipes that sound amazing enough to try at home. 

Pancake Cereal

Yes, pancakes are delicious. But what if you made tiny pancakes, enough to create a cereal bowl full of delicious pancake bites? The recipe is simple, and has a few variations. But the concept involves putting your pancake batter in a squeeze bottle to cook tiny pancakes. You can flavor and color your cereal with strawberry Nesquik, hot cocoa mix, or other flavor-filled powders. After you’ve cooked the cereal-sized cupcakes you add fruit, milk, or a syrup drizzle for an adorable breakfast bowl. Check out one version of this trend to get an idea how to create your own. 

Whipped Coffee

It would be impossible to talk about TikTok trends without addressing the recipe that swept the internet. Like the pancake cereal recipe, there are several versions of this trend out there. Most of them involve instant coffee, lots of sugar, and ice. Instant coffee is the part that makes a lot of people pause. That’s why we tracked down a whipped coffee recipe that works with iced coffee as well. Like with any cup of joe, this idea will require a little trial and error to perfect to your personal tastes. But it’s popular for a reason. It’s delicious. 

What Not to Do

An absolutely amazing trend on TikTok involves Gordon Ramsay critiquing people’s recipes. While hilarious it also makes for great tips on how to better your own cooking. Learn from their mistakes and have a laugh watching Ramsay Reacts.

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