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A string of bulb lights illuminating a dark outdoor space.



It’s the perfect time of year for outdoor entertaining – or just sitting on your porch or balcony to enjoy a drink and relax after a busy day. The simplest of accessories, like lights, can enhance the experience, creating a cozy, mellow environment.

Here are some options to try.

Bulb String Lights

This is one of the most popular outdoor lighting options, and with good reason: it’s easy, cheap, and takes up little to no space. These round bulb lights make for a warm, romantic environment, great for a quiet evening alone together or for an afternoon of spoiling yourself with some takeout and a delicious drink outdoors.

Paper Lantern String Lights

If you’re looking for something soft and summery, try paper lantern string lights. Because of the paper screens, these give off a translucent, gentle light and are great for cultivating that summer vibe. Just remember to bring them indoors if there is rain in the forecast!

Curtain String Lights

These string lights are made to hang in strands from one central, horizontal cord, creating the illusion of a curtain made of sunlight. It’s a perfect way to bring a little whimsy to your outdoor area while also creating a more private outdoor space.

Candle Lanterns

If you want to add to your outdoor décor, place candle lanterns like this one in strategic locations – on an outdoor table, for instance, shelves, or artfully arranged in collections in the corners of your outdoor space. Be sure to find lanterns that use LED candles, so you don’t have to worry about fire hazards on your relaxing evenings on your porch or balcony.

Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Those of you who love a DIY project, simply purchase a few mason jars (you can get these for a steal at local thrift shops) and short strands of battery-powered fairy lights. Set the lights to operate on their timer function, wind them into a spiral, place the spiral in the mason jar, cap the jar, and voila! You have the perfect, farmhouse-chic outdoor lighting. You can even add ribbons or loop wire around the neck in order to make cute handles or create a way to hang them from the ceiling.

For more information on creating a cozy home, follow the Legends at White Oak blog.