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Developed by Camelot and released last month on Nintendo Switch, Mario Golf: Super Rush has proven to be another success for Mario and gang. But it’s not all holes in one. Let’s work our way out of the bunker and talk you through our early impressions of the latest Mario sports title!

Super Rush? More Like Super Style!

Um, first of all, can we talk about Wario’s drip?! From the bold yellow cowboy hat emblazoned with the Super Stud’s Super Logo to the yellow-and-purple checkered pants, our man is straight-up stunnin’ n’ stylin’! Waluigi possibly outdoes his partner in crime, especially for pulling off that red rose pinned to his chic fedora. And it’s the two troublemakers paired together that truly make for the ultimate dandy duo. But top props goes to Rosalina, who sports a golf glove despite the fact that she never so much as lays a finger on her clubs. We appreciate the superfluousness, Rosalina. You have garnered our endless awe and admiration.

Robust Roster

While no game roster is complete without Professor Elvin Gadd, the game offers up a solid initial cast of characters, including welcome choices like Mario Golf newcomer Pauline and deepish cuts like King Bob-omb, whose mustache physics manage to be both delightfully whimsical and existentially horrifying. With more free characters and courses coming via DLC, we’re fairly happy with who we’ve got. Let’s just hope for some stats adjustments ’cause Peach is a demonstrably, numerically second-rate Pauline. Give our princess an edge, Camelot!


There ain’t enough of ’em. The existing courses offer a decent variety of experiences and gimmicks, but there are only six. More free courses are promised, including New Donk City. Wouldn't it be something if Camelot spelled Rattly’s name correctly?

Online Is Terrible

But this is Nintendo, so you already knew that. Seriously, though, so far the connection has been spotty. There are no online tournaments, but we expect, as in Mario Tennis Aces before, tournaments will soon be a thing. We can see the rage quitting now!

Story Mode

Adventure Mode is a glorified tutorial. If you go in with those expectations, it’s a solid experience offering some silly dialogue to keep you interested along the way to golfing proficiency (or bug the potatoes out of you because there’s no way to skip it but mash A). Just don’t expect a story on par with Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

That said, getting to team up with perpetual oddballs Wario and Waluigi, who steal every scene they appear in, is a genuine treat. And Camelot shoehorning Mario into the story’s climax offers its own perverse enjoyment; thankfully the goody-two-shoes gets quickly plucked away, so you can enjoy more time with your buds, The Wahs. Wario and Waluigi really need their own game.

New Multiplayer Modes

They’re fun.


Okay, yes, Speed Golf is kinda jank, but that’s always been part of the charm in Mario sports games – have you played Mario Tennis Aces? – and it is neat traversing the courses, especially when you “accidentally” shove your friend off a cliff. Maybe DLC updates will include character models boasting broken bones.

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