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You’re a nice person and everyone loves your taste in fashion! 

Feels good to get a compliment, doesn’t it? We understand how hard it can be to think of something nice to say, especially after the dumpster fire that was 2020, but we’re in a whole new year now, filled with new hope and opportunity! Aaaand, Jan. 24 is National Compliment Day. So why not take a few of the compliments we compiled for a spin? Who knows, you might just make someone’s day. Or at least win the Legends at White Oak complimenting contest! 

I Bet You Make Babies Smile

Babies! They are so cute. They also cry a lot. Have you ever seen a baby get distracted by someone new who walks up, stop crying, and break into a wild smile? Who wouldn’t want to hear that they have got the goods to make a baby happy? This one is all in the tone, though. You should practice it a few times before taking it out on the town. 

You Look Great Today

Best reserved for someone you at least kind of know, this compliment can truly make someone’s day. Again, though, context and tone are key. 

Your Ability to Recall Random Factoids at Just the Right Time is Impressive

Give this compliment to someone who is explaining something important to you, such as a surgeon, repair person, or driving instructor. They will love it! Compliment courtesy of

You’re Even Better Than a Unicorn Because You Can Fly

Pegasus can fly, not unicorns. This one is obviously metaphorical unless the person really can fly. In that case, it's the perfect compliment. 

I Bet You Sweat Glitter

This one is tricky! Reserve it for someone who is truly fabulous but maybe having an off day. But be careful. Talking to people about their sweat can make them uncomfortable. Especially if it’s on the city bus. And you’re whispering. 

Is That Your Picture Next to "Charming" in The Dictionary

This one works best if you carry a dictionary around with you and hold it up and open as you give the compliment. But then you have to close it quickly so the person doesn’t have time to look and see that their picture isn’t actually in the dictionary. Otherwise, the compliment won’t work. 

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