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Succulents in decorative planters on a private balcony at Legends at White Oak in Ooltewah, Tennessee

How to Start a Spectacular Succulent Garden


Succulents are the coolest kids in the garden right now. From living walls to succulent wreaths, their myriad of colors and textures and relatively low maintenance have made them hugely popular. Here’s how you can start your own succulent garden on a sunny windowsill or the balcony of your Legends at White Oak apartment.

Find the Right Spot

A window ledge, wall, or nook on your balcony that gets plenty of bright, natural light is ideal for succulents. Most will thrive with at least three to four hours of direct sun each day. However, some may scorch if they get too much intense midday sun or heat. If your home tends to have less light, don’t worry. There are succulents that will still grow well in lower light.

Succulent Care

These plants originated in dry climates and love well-drained soil. Regular potting soil is too rich and retains too much moisture, and they thrive in more sandy, porous soil. Mix one part coarse sand, one part perlite or pumice, and two parts all-purpose potting soil for a good succulent medium. Here’s the most important tip: You can kill your succulents with kindness by overwatering. If you’re new to raising succulents, check out this helpful watering guide from Better Homes & Gardens.

Get Creative with Containers

Succulents’ roots are shallow and these plants need very little water, which means almost anything can serve as a planter: a vintage pie tin, an old fountain or barrel, a hollow log, cool geometric planters, even a bird cage. Just ensure the container has good drainage – add holes if you need to – and cover the holes with some mesh to stop the soil from leaking out. If using a glass terrarium or other container without drainage, place an inch or two of small pebbles or gravel at the bottom to keep the plants’ roots out of the water.

Mix & Match

With so many varieties and such a diverse range of colors and textures, there’s an almost infinite number of striking ways to arrange and present succulents, both indoors and out. So have fun with it. Check out the arrangements at local garden shops, and prowl Pinterest and lifestyle websites for inspiration.

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