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Resident friends outside enjoying some fresh sangria watermelon at Legends at White Oak in Ooltewah, Tennessee



Nothing refreshes like a cool slice of melon on a hot summer’s day. At the Ooltewah Farmers Market, melon season is a magical time filled with a variety of offerings. Traditionally, this special time is celebrated with an annual August festival known as Melon Fest, but this year COVID-19 safety has put a damper on the festivities. That being said, all those delicious melons are still being harvested! And all will be available for purchase over the next few weeks. Check out our guide to some of the delicious melons that might be making their way to the market!

Heirloom Melons

There are a vast number of melons that fall under this category, with names like “Armenian Cucumber,” “Early Christiana,” and “Turkish Casabana,” to name just a few. These melons are known for their richly sweet flavors and unusual shapes and sizes.

Banana Melons

These long, narrow melons are shaped more like a banana than a cantaloupe – and even have a banana smell – but it’s the cantaloupe that they are more closely related to. The flavor is also similar to that of a cantaloupe, with a little something extra that is sometimes described as “spicy.”

Sangria Watermelons

Often called the gold standard for what a watermelon should be, these elongated melons weigh in at around 20 to 25 pounds. Their flesh is richly red and they are incredibly sweet and juicy.

The Ooltewah Farmers Market is open and has instigated a variety of protocols to keep visitors safe. They are also offering pre-ordering options to expedite your visit. Learn more about their safety precautions, pre-ordering, and their eNewsletter on the Ooltewah Farmers Market website.

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