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Woman wearing red and black flannel leaning over a wooden fence near Legends at White Oak



Winter is finally here and in Ooltewah, that means temperatures might drop below 50 at some point. Still, when you’re used to it being warm, anything below 65 will definitely feel frigid. But even if it’s not too cold, you probably want to mix in some cool seasonal fashions. Check out our must-haves for what to wear this Ooltewah winter.


Even when temperatures aren’t exactly freezing, a warm flannel combined with a jeans or a denim skirt or dress can offer the right amount of coziness to ward off the cooler temperatures of winter in South Tennessee, without causing you to overheat.


A cardigan sweater is another versatile and stylish option that looks good with shorts, pants, and skirts in a variety of fabrics. Wear it open on warm days and button it up when the temperature drops.


Don’t forget your feet! Bundle these puppies up in some combat boots to keep your little piggies free of frost on cooler days. And like our other outfits, you can counter against overheating by wearing them with a skirt, dress, or lightweight pants.


We’ve already mentioned this material in every other entry, so you had to know it was coming. A denim dress, skirt, or a pair of jeans goes with just about everything, and it’s not too warm or cool. If the temperatures do drop substantially, corduroy is an attractive alternative that adds an extra level of insulation. And it looks great in popular fall and winter colors like brown, tan, and burnt orange.

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