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A woman learning to play the ukulele at home.



It’s 2021, we made it! Before you know it, it’ll be summer and you’ll be out gallivanting with family and friends. But alas, the world is still in the middle of a pretty odd time. So, for now, here are three great in-home hobbies to ring in 2021.

Plant Based Tie-Dyeing

Hear us out for a second: Tie-dye isn’t just a way to make old shirts look groovy. Dyeing is a great way to add colorful, unique patterns onto everything from tablecloths and curtains to tote bags and blankets. You’ll also be blown away by the rich vibrant colors you can create with plant based ingredients like onion skills and blueberries. Check out Martha Stewart's dye making instructions and see how easy it can be to add a bit of natural color to your decor.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Dedicate some at-home free time to learning to play an instrument! There are literally hundreds of free online musical tutorials on Youtube for learning everything from classical music to modern hits. If you want a more personalized touch, paid online programs like Udemy and Guitar Tricks are taught by industry professionals and will have you impressing friends, and even yourself, in no time.

Yoga and Meditation

One of the side effects of being home more is our reliance on digital distractions and way less physical activity. Yoga and meditation is a phenomenal one-two punch of to help us slow down an atrophying mind and body. The psychological benefits of yoga and meditation include decreased stress and anxiety, increased productivity, improved focus, greater creativity, and increased happiness. And for the fellas who think yoga just isn’t for them, the popular DDP Yoga is a program created by athletes for athletes with more focus on the physical science of yoga rather than the stereotypical (and still very awesome) focus on the serenity of yoga.

And there you have it, three great hobbies you can start in 2021. For more epic ideas on how to spend the new year, be sure to check out or other blog posts.