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Silhouetted view of a couple embracing while watching a movie in a drive-in.



It’s finally September! Bring on warm days and cooler evenings as the summer season comes to a close. And if you’re looking for something fun to do before summer ends then you’ve got to check out these drive-in theaters. So hop in the car, enjoy the drive a little way out of town, put it in park, and watch away!

Stardust Drive-In Theater

Situated 40 minutes East of Nashville is the perfect spot to catch a movie under the stars. Head East on I-40 then hop onto US-70 East. At just $9 per person, you can watch thrillers, comedies, and so much more Friday through Saturday. Just check out the Stardust Drive-In Theater website to see what's playing and when.

Franklin Drive-In Theater

Just over the Kentucky border, about 38 minutes from Olympus Midtown, is the Franklin Drive-In Theater. Patiently waiting to see the new Shang-Chi Marvel movie? They’ve got it! Showings are on the weekend and you’ll only pay $9 for a single ticket ($16 for two, $21 for three, and $27 for four or more people). Check out what they’ve got playing to plan your visit.

Pink Cadillac Drive-In Theater

Go for that old school vibe as you check out a blockbuster hit, like Jungle Cruise, at Pink Cadillac Drive-In Theater. Although this theater is about an hour Southwest of Olympus Midtown, this spot definitely needs to be on your radar! An hour drive there, an awesome show, and an hour drive back home – mini road trip, anyone?

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