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Backyard cookout with friends



Food was meant to be cooked over fire – the proof is in the flavor. Whether you’re a carnivore, omnivore, or vegetarian, flame-grilled meat and veggies just taste superior. And thankfully, with temps warming up in Tennessee, grilling season is just around the bend!

Step up your barbecue game this year by upgrading your grill ahead of your first cookout. Here are a couple of great places close to home to shop for your newest prized possession – and support local business owners in the process.

TraegerMan Grills

With an official Traeger dealer just 4 miles from home, it would be foolish to start your quest to buy a grill anywhere else. Traeger wood pellet grills are highly coveted among barbecue enthusiasts for their ease of use, consistent results, and myriad functions (they can grill, smoke, roast, and more).

But above all else, fans rave about the wood-fired smoky taste that even novice grillmasters can achieve with a Traeger. So if you want to wow your family and friends with your barbecue brisket and ribs this summer, picking up a Traeger is a great move. Prices range from $650 to $2,300.

TraegerMan Grills is located near The Fairgrounds Nashville at 2606 Grissom Drive. Catch them between 9:30 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday.

The Hearth & Grill

The Hearth & Grill is a family-owned and operated fireplace and grill superstore that has been serving South Nashville since 1974. Browse their impressive selection of charcoal, propane, and natural gas grills from brands like Weber, FireMagic, Big Green Egg, Modern Home Products, and more.

The shop also carries a selection of higher-end, gas-powered American Outdoor Grills-brand (AOG) inventory. AOG specializes in built-in grills for outdoor kitchens but also offers portable cabinet grills and post grills for pitmasters without the outdoor counter space (for now).

Prices begin around $900, and if what you want isn’t in stock, Hearth & Grill can order it for you. The Hearth & Grill is located at 535 West Thompson Lane in Nashville. They’re open 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturday.

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