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Three yogis rolling up their yoga mats | yoga studios in Nashville

The Top Yoga Studios Near Nashville

The 3 Best Yoga Studios in Nashville

It’s important to thoroughly stretch after a strenuous run or weight training session. This is where yoga may help. Through breath control and specific body movements, you can improve your posture, strength, and flexibility. These are the top three yoga studios near our Nashville apartments when you’re ready for a class. 

NuPower Yoga+Barre

NuPower Yoga+Barre provides a range of workouts to help you meet your goals. The class provides a friendly and inviting atmosphere with courses that are both tough and enjoyable. The instructors are yoga specialists, and each brings a unique perspective and a dynamic personality to each class. NuPower is a movement technique that strives to make strength and flexibility accessible to anyone. It combines sister disciplines of yoga and Ayurveda, Barre traditions, and cutting-edge NuBell technology for a balanced strength and cardiovascular workout.

Shakti Power Yoga

If you're looking for a serious challenge with yoga, check out Shakti Power Yoga. Power yoga can help you tone your body, improve your balance and flexibility, improve your cardiovascular endurance, and reduce stress. Whether you are a novice or have already studied yoga, the certified professionals will guide you skillfully. Instructors use both conventional and modernized types of ancient postures, as well as meditation techniques, in their courses. They provide hot yoga classes to help your body rid itself of toxins. They also provide non-heated sessions like Restorative, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Tin.

Fahrenheit Yoga

The Fahrenheit Yoga studio claims to provide students with a refuge of wellness, tranquility, and spiritual renewal. They offer programs including the hot twenty-six, a scientifically created sequence of 26 postures, and two breathing exercises that train the entire body. Fahrenheit Yoga also provides massage, acupuncture, and Reiki sessions in addition to yoga instruction. Students may also buy yoga accessories and apparel in the studio store. Yogis may also look forward to convenient locker facilities and an infrared heated room.

After your morning yoga session, grab a cup of coffee from a local shop or check out the rest of our blog for other local hotspots to check out. If you are considering joining this amazing community, contact us today to tour Olympus Midtown.