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Athletic woman stretching while working out in nature.



With the New Year trailing shortly behind us and our resolutions on the verge of dwindling away, here are some awesome go-to Nashville workout spots to help you stick with your 2021 fitness goals. From sportsplex parks to lush nature trails, check out this epic list of places near Olympus Midtown to take your sweat sesh to.

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

With endless concrete stair sets and looping, tree-lined pathways, this downtown park gives off Rocky Balboa vibes – because who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re in the middle of a training montage from an epic movie scene? All you need now is a gray tracksuit!

Centennial Sportsplex

Whether you’re into swimming, weightlifting, running, or even ice skating, the Centennial Sportsplex has everything you need for an amazing workout. While an all-access pass runs you a little over $500 for the year, there are smaller package options putting you at about $8 per session with a 10-visit pass. Plus, it’s just a few blocks west of Olympus Midtown.

McCabe Greenway Parcourse

Surrounding the McCabe Golf Course, this 3-mile loop offers mostly-flat pathways that follow along rolling grassy fields and Richland Creek. This serene spot is perfect for jogging with your pup, riding bikes, or even clocking your quickest mile time – whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to have the space you need for a fearless workout.

Percy Warner Mountain Bike Trail

Sitting at about 8 miles southwest of Olympus Midtown, this outdoor workout destination is best accessed via a short drive down the TN-100. The looping trails throughout this park are roughly around 2.5 miles long, which makes for a fun time on two wheels. Just be sure to remember where you parked as it’s easy to get turned around.

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