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A hand holding a yellow cloth wipes the arm of a brown leather sofa.



Buying leather furniture is the first step toward establishing your rockstar rep. Whether you enjoy a vintage model or prefer a modern style, leather furniture is gorgeous. But caring for leather can be tiresome when you don't know how to go about it.Don't worry, though! All you need is some patience and Olympic Midtown's handy tips.

Leather's Biggest Foes

Before we get into the do's of leather furniture care, let's highlight the don'ts. Here's what you should NOT do to your leather sofa, chairs, or footstools.

  • Don’t Use Soaps – No matter how harmless the soap is, it could stain, darken, or ruin your leather. Oil soaps, mild detergents, and even saddle cleaners are a no-go.

  • Don’t Clean With Detergent – Leather is very prone to damage, and any kind of detergent will make it brittle. You don't want to dry your leather of its gorgeous shine, do you?

  • Don’t Expose Leather to Direct Sunlight – Just like it does to our skin, the sun’s rays damage leather. Over time, sun exposure will crack the smooth material to bits, so keep your furniture away from direct sunlight.

From Purchase to Maintenance

When you bring your leather baby home, make sure to bring a leather protector with you too. These handy sprays, lotions, or creams will create an invisible barrier that protects leather from damage. You won't be able to tell the difference, but your brand-new furniture will thank you. They can also rejuvenate older leather pieces.Reapply once or twice a year (based on the directions provided by the protector’s manufacturer).

To keep the furniture in its best shape, keep it away from dust and dirt. If you have toddlers or pets, make sure to throw a blanket on your furniture for risk prevention. And, if you spill something on your leather furniture, never use anything other than a damp cloth to clean it.

Bonus Tip: First Aid for Stubborn Stains

If you stain your leather furniture, all you need is talcum or baking powder. Stubborn stains like grease are hard to clean, but those powders will absorb the mess.

If you feel ready to embark on a leather furniture adventure, we're glad we could help. For more handy tips for your cool apartment, check out the Olympus Midtown blog.