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Woman sitting in her cozy bed looking out the window with a cup of coffee at Olympus Midtown



Fall is in full force, and Old Man Winter is just around the corner, waving his ice stick at you. There is nothing better than jumping into a cozy warm bed at the end of a long, cold day. Turn your bedroom into the ultimate winter retreat with these helpful tips.

Cover Those Floors

Banish those cold-feet blues with rugs, rugs, and more rugs. Hardwood floors deserve some cozy coverings in the winter months. Don’t have hardwood? Even carpeting can be warmed up with a few well-placed throw rugs. Maybe it’s placed under your plant sanctuary, by the foot of your bed, or under your desk. Washable rugs, like Ruggable, are a plus in our book.

Cover Those Windows

While you want to let in as much light as possible during the cooler months, you also want good insulation when it comes to your drafty windows. By investing in some insulated black-out curtains, not only can you lock in the heat, you’ll also benefit from catching some extra zzz’s on weekend mornings.

No Fireplace? No Problem

Satisfy those dreams of having a cozy, wood-burning fireplace to relax in front of during the winter months by investing in an electric fireplace. These babies serve two purposes. Not only will they heat up an entire room, they give off those cozy vibes with the flip of a switch.

Freshen Up Linens

Take off those crisp warm-weather sheets and change them out for a warmer option, like flannel sheets and a quilt. Layers are ideal in winter, so don’t be shy about piling on excess blankets and throw pillows this time of year. Want an extra boost of warmth and comfort? Add a weighted blanket.

Get That Scented Glow

A warm, golden glow can do wonders to your mood on a cold day. Love your bedroom even more by creating a relaxing atmosphere, with items like a himalayan salt lamp and fall or winter scented candles to set the mood. Light up that fall candle, turn on your electric fireplace, and pretend there’s an apple pie cooking in the oven.

Love every inch of where you live this season. For more tips on getting cozy this winter, check out the Olympus Midtown blog.