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Woman hanging Halloween decorations at Olympus Midtown, in Nashville, Tennessee



It’s that time of year again. That’s right, Pumpkin Spiced Latte season – the spookiest time of the year! We honor that tradition by flavoring everything from coffee drinks and dessert tacos to decorative candles, deodorant, and Spam with the stuff. That’s right, Spam. But when you’re done with that latte and ready to start decorating, here’s how to easily spiff up your home for Halloween.

Spooky Tombstones!

Buy or make a bunch of fake tombstones with epitaphs like “Barry A. Live.” Get it? Then set them up in the hall outside your apartment or right inside the door.

Darkness All Around

Nothing’s spookier than complete darkness! Pin black sheets or some thin black fabric up on your walls, cover your furniture with darkness, and for crying out loud, black out those windows.

Ghost Things Up

Dig up the bones of a cursed soul who is trapped between the mortal world and the next. Or just make your own, fake ghosts! Start by cutting some felt pieces into the shapes of eyes and a mouth, and then glue them to a foam ball. Stretch a couple of pieces of cheese cloth over the top and then rat up the edges using some scissors and your dirty paws. Use some wire to give it ghostly arms and to make a hook for hanging. Make a whole mess of these creepy ghosts and decorate every inch of your apartment! Spoooooky! Here’s a tutorial for some armless ones.

Don’t Forget the Creepy Crawlies

Dump rubber spiders and millipedes all over the place. Be sure to get plenty on any seating, countertops, and even in the fridge. This is another area where you can count on your friends at Amazon.

Creepify Your Water Closet

Invest in a creepy, blood-spattered Walking Dead shower curtain, and consider going the extra mile with Bates Motel-branded bathrobes and bath towels!

Add Some Scary Sounds

Pick the perfect spooky soundtrack to accompany your creepy apartment. YouTube gifts you with the sounds of the season for free in “8 Hours of Halloween Sounds, Spooky Sounds of Halloween, Horror Scary Creepy Effects for kids children parties.” Really sets the mood for wedding showers and bachelor parties, too!

For more tips on home decorations that won’t get you into the pages of Architectural Digest, visit the Olympus Midtown blog.