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Woman hugs a cat



National Hug Your Cat Day is almost here! Here are four fun ways to make this June 4 holiday extra special.

Hug … a Cat

Kind of a no-brainer, right? Give your kitties a big squeeze on this special day. She’ll pretend to hate it, but the truth is she’ll actually love the extra attention and affection. What if you don’t have a cat? Visit a shelter and love on all its feline residents! Maybe one will even steal your heart, and you’ll come home with a new furever companion. Here are some nearby shelters to check out:

Spoil Your Cat

Get your cat a bag of his favorite treats or maybe a new toy. Maybe treat her to one of her favorite activities – be it extra playtime, a thorough brushing, or even a walk around the neighborhood if she’s particularly adventurous.

Donate to a Shelter

Animal shelters are always in need of donations – be it food and supplies or financial support. Celebrate this special day by helping make sure Nashville’s homeless kitties get the love they deserve.

Expand Your Cat Knowledge

Celebrate your feline friend by learning his history. Did you know the first domestic cats surfaced in about 7500 B.C.? How’d we get from there to cats’ modern-day status as internet superstars? Dig in and study up on the history of domestic cats! You’ll gain a newfound appreciation for your furry friend.

Live Big in Nashville

There’s all sorts of fun to be had in Nashville and at Olympus Midtown! Stay tuned to our blog for more fun reads on living your best life in the Music City.