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The Centennial Park Parthenon on a sunny day with Lake Watauga in the foreground.



Be a tourist in your own city by checking out these obscure, funky, and cool local landmarks around Nashville this summer.

1. Concrete Parthenon

Have you ever wanted to see the full-scale beauty of Athens' colonnaded Parthenon temple? Well, Nashville houses one of its own – and it’s as big as the real deal. Made entirely of concrete, this massive structure is really something to see. And noted as the largest indoor sculpture in the Western world, the Athena replica inside Nashville’s Parthenon – which stands a towering 42 feet tall – is an absolute must-see.

2. Hatch Show Print

This 142-year old print shop is one of the oldest letterpress print shops in America (established in 1879). Visit the 5th Avenue lobby of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum any day of the week for a studio tour – advance ticket purchase is recommended.

3. Ryman Alley

This alley is more than just a concrete passageway in the city. It’s the physical representation of country music history. Between the Ryman Auditorium and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge is where Patsy Cline, Chet Atkins, and Hank Williams – to name just a few – have walked through the Ryman Alley and right onto stage. This Nashville hot spot might as well be the Beatles’ famous zebra crossing on Abbey Road.

4. Hail Dark Aesthetics

From voodoo dolls to mummified bats and books about the occult, Hail Dark Aesthetics has definitely made our list of places to check out in Nashville. While we could go on describing the things you might find here, it’s more of a see-it-to-believe-it type of situation.

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