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Concentrating woman hanging a wooden-framed picture on a white wall.



As 2022 is closing in, we have a good idea of which home decor styles are here to stay for a bit longer and which ones are getting the boot. Keep reading to get the scoop.

Out: Framed Signage

While some signage decor can be quite cheeky and silly, this trend is definitely due to get the boot. There is zero necessity for a sign hanging above your kitchen sink to say “kitchen”. So out with the letters and in with some trendy artwork.

In: Abstract Prints

From original acrylic paintings on canvas to unique art print sets, the abstract art trend is back on the rise. Depending on your interior decor style, there are plenty of options to choose from: midcentury, boho, elegant, minimalist, and edgy.

Out: Urban Jungles

While most people are probably not housing countless plant varieties on every surface in their home, the urban jungle trend is definitely less popular than it was in 2020. Say goodbye to ridiculous watering schedules and fungus gnats flying around.

In: Tasteful Greenery

Living plants are absolutely still on-trend, and for good reason. Seeing a living, breathing plant in your home has quite the positive impact on your mood. Plus, it helps to revitalize your home’s air quality by recycling carbon dioxide. Pop a few live plants on a bookshelf, desk, coffee table, etc. And don’t fret brown thumbs, we see you! Go for a ridiculously easy houseplant to care for, like a pothos vine (for the over-waterers) or a snake plant (for the under-waterers) and keep it simple.

Out: Fairy Lights

Twinkle lights have adorned college dorm rooms and boho chic bedrooms all across the world. While this look is rather Pinterest-worthy, it’s a style trend that has definitely seen its day. 

In: Sculptural Lighting

Go for more purposeful lighting options, like this pretty table lamp, this standing lamp, or this gorgeous desk lamp.

Out: Macrame Wall Art

The Urban Outfitters macrame look is so 2018. And while boho decor is still in style, you’ll find that it’s moving to a more world-traveler, modern feel with less of the frilly fringes and lace.

In: Tasteful Gallery Walls

Swap out that macrame wall hanging and put up a collection of photographs, art prints, and eye-catching pieces. A tasteful gallery wall, one that’s not overly cluttered, is a great addition to your space.

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