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Turkey time is right around the corner and with that comes the Nashville Turkey Trot! You could go in your regular running kit, but wouldn’t it be much more fun to dress up? The answer is yes. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide to turkey and other Thanksgiving-themed costumes. Go for style. Go for fun. Just don’t go to win, because the people just wearing their regular running stuff are going to do that. And for that, they are the true losers. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Rake Me Ups Thanksgiving Suit

This one by Shinesty is more Fall-themed than overtly turkey-related. Imagine a formal evening suit in brown that’s adorned with leaves, pies, and slices of pie. (Looks like pumpkin!) Both fashionable and probably fairly easy to move in, this one might just give you the edge you’re looking for.

Adult Fleece Turkey Costume

It really says it all in the name. This turkey outfit appears to be a fairly form-fitting and is probably fairly easy to run in, although might be on the warm side. There aren’t any extreme elements that you will have to keep track of, although there is a larger section on the back that could cause some wind resistance. Because you’re that fast, amiright? Also comes with some nifty turkey feet shoe covers, but test those out before the race to see if they’re a tripping hazard.

Turkey Hat (Velvet)

Because who would wear a turkey hat made of anything less? This adorable turkey topper brilliantly encapsulates everything that is important about Thanksgiving: the turkey. Plus, you can get it imprinted with your team name or a festive slogan. Since it only covers your head, you will likely run like lightning in this thing. You may even want to attach a neck strap to keep it from flying off.

Thanksgiving Hand Turkey Costume

This costume from Rasta Imposta has a complicated lineage. Remember those outlines of a hand you drew as a child and then turned into an odd-looking turkey using crayons, colored paper, and glue? Well, rather than being a straight-up turkey costume – because that would be too easy – this option is actually one of those! It’s basically a multicolored Hamburger Helper mascot with your face sticking out of the middle finger. Seeing is believing, so you’ll want to visit their website for the full experience. Chances are this thing would be hard to run in, but you’re unlikely to see anyone else rocking one. So points for originality!

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