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Man and woman in a tent with playing cards in their hands, looking in to each other’s eyes.



Magic: The Gathering is a popular card game that pits you against opponents (and soon-to-be enemies) in a fantastical world of magic and sorcery. There are currently 20,000 unique Magic cards out there, offering a wide variety of lands, creatures, and enchantments you can use to build your 60 card deck. If your go-to strategy for winning is to annoy your opponent into submission, these are the ideal decks for you. Maybe save them for your greatest nemesis.

Second Sunrise Combo

The Second Sunrise, aka the Egg Combo, aka the Second Breakfast, is a highly convoluted deck that has been banned from Magic: The Gathering tournaments. The premise is that players can set "eggs" on the board and sacrifice them during play, only to return them to their hand so they can sacrifice them again later in the game. It's just a loop of madness that your opponent is forced to watch for all eternity. You can check out the full decklist here.

Lantern Control

The Lantern Control deck is more of a hybrid deck that features control and prison tactics. The idea is to control both players’ draws and restrict access to spellcasting. The annoying bit is that no one can attack, and many games end in a draw as each player just continually draws from their deck without being able to do anything. The Lantern Control deck has been around for a while, so some decks now feature counters, but an unsuspecting friend could be thrown off. Check out the decklist here.

Full Control Deck

A control deck in Magic is focused on counterspells and cards that deny opponent actions. If you replace the cast restriction cards from the Lantern Deck and add more control cards, you're bound to have a long, long, long game. The idea is you keep the other player from winning, so you have the time you need to win. Here's the decklist.

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