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A dog wearing a festive hat staring at cake on a plate



You love your pet like it’s a member of the family. And as such, you want them to have all the indulgences in life that you would bestow upon a human family member. To that end, we’ve found some really fun – and sometimes wacky! – items your pet might love.

Non-Alcoholic Cat Wine

Did you ever wonder if your cat would like to enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, just like you do? Believe it or not, you can purchase your feline friend a bottle of wine made just for cats. Don’t worry – it’s non-alcoholic and totally safe to ingest. It’s simply water infused with catnip, with a little salmon oil added for an extra indulgence.

Cake & Ice Cream for Pets

If you love to treat your pet to a special birthday, you absolutely must include some cake and ice cream from Puppy Cake. Their cake kits come with all the ingredients you need included and in safe-for-pets flavors like banana, carob, and peanut butter. Best of all, they include a bone-shaped silicone cake pan in which to bake it! Their ice cream comes in flavors like Cheese and Bacon and is simply powdered milk infused with flavorings – all you have to do is add water and freeze! It’s a great way to spoil your furry friend on their special day.

Dog Treat Maker

Don’t even try to hide it – we know you love making treats for your pup. Now you can up your game with the Williams Sonoma Dash Dog Treat Maker. This awesome appliance comes with several recipes that your dog will love, made from simple ingredients that are staples in most people’s kitchens. In other words, your dog treats will look like they took a ton of time, but your dog will never know how easy they were to whip up!

Cat Laptop Scratching Mat

Your cat is going to love this scratching mat. It’s made to look like a laptop and it even comes with a toy “mouse.” (Get it?) You can insert photographs into the “screen” of the computer to give your cat something to look at while he’s scratching.

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