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Man wearing black beanie with matching headphones and backpack straps.



As fashion’s favorite shade, black has a long history in style. While wearing black is associated with grieving, it is also symbolic of elegance, mystery, minimalism, and power. Plus, black just looks cool. If you want to wear more of this versatile color, here are three sartorial tips from Olympus Rodeo to get you started.

Stick to the Basics

You’d be surprised how transformative a simple black shirt can be. A plain black t-shirt somehow magically makes you look more put together. Make it a long sleeve and suddenly you look like the next tech tycoon. You could also try a pair of black jeans or sneakers. Don’t be afraid of experimenting to see what works best for you.


Hats, eyewear, bags, jewelry. Whether it’s a bold statement piece or a subtle little extra only the more observant will notice, black accessories are a fun way to introduce the shade into your style and can be a nice entry point if you’re still testing things out.

Make It Monochromatic

Now we’re talking. Monochrome outfits are like they sound – they are built around a single color. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear the exact same shade of black from head to toe. In fact, you can incorporate other neutral colors (white and gray) to give some balance to your look. Putting together monochrome outfits can give you insights into other important elements in fashion, like texture, layering, silhouette, and depth.

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