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Just because the temperatures' taken a dip doesn't mean your outdoor adventures should stop. If anything, they should become more frequent. Gone are the summertime crowds and out-of-town hikers. The great outdoors of Las Cruces is all yours again. So bundle up and get to know these three nearby hiking trails.

Slot Canyon

Located about 30 miles north of your front door, Slot Canyon is one of the more popular hiking destinations in the area, and it's easy to see why. With 2.5 miles of relatively easy terrain, you'll enjoy the hallway-like trail inside the canyon itself. If you're not into bugs, though, be warned. While there are no overtly dangerous insects, there are more than a few creepy crawlies out and about.

Dripping Springs

Another light trail, this one in the open air, is perfect for the hiker who prefers to see a bit more flora and fauna on their adventures. Dripping Springs Natural Area consists of about four miles of actual trail surrounded by oak woodlands and plenty of desert scrub. While walking the trail, don’t be surprised if you spot the occasional red-tailed hawk, golden eagle, even a few rock squirrels.    

Picacho Peak

Let's face it, the best part about hiking is the view. And when it comes to views, Picacho Peak does not disappoint. Located about 13 miles West of Sonoma Palms, this 4,959-foot high peak is home to 15 miles of recreational area for everything from your standard walks and hikes to biking and even horseback riding. There's a 1.5-mile trail that will take you to the top of the peak, where you'll be treated to majestic views of the Organ Mountains and Mesilla Valley.  

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