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Small black bulldog wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and lying on a bed of rose petals, holding a bunch of roses and a heart-shaped chocolate box.



Whether you’re going it alone or you and your date aren't into the usual saccharine romantic displays, Valentine’s Day can be pretty annoying. This year, instead of spending yours at home in front of the TV or at the bottom of an empty box of chocolates, why not do something completely unexpected? Here are our picks for new V-Day traditions you’ll never see on a greeting card.

Do a Ghost Tour

What better way to honor your love for someone living than hearing spooky tails about a bunch of dead people? ABQ Tours’ Ghost Tour of Old Town covers 315 years of local legends, folklore, and ghost stories. Their tour on Monday, February 14, starts at 8 PM and goes till 9:45 PM, leaving plenty of time to enjoy one of our other off-color activities when you’re done. Hurry and get your tickets before everyone thinks to “celebrate” this way! 


Bet you didn’t see that one coming. But if everything everyone else is doing on this special day feels like a waste of your time, why not donate that time to someone who could use it? It would be even better if you could donate more than a single day, but even a few hours can make a difference for many people in need. Check out VolunteerMatch to find the right opportunity for your time and skillset. 

Take Your Four-Legged Friend Out for a Beer

Calling itself both “the most dog-friendly bar in town” and “the smallest dive bar in New Mexico,” Bar Uno seemingly has it all, including an ideally dark location off Route 66. Head here with your four-legged date and celebrate the only love that matters – the love between you and your furriest little buddy. Also, did we mention there’s alcohol?

106 2nd St. SW, ABQ

Hopefully you find a V-Day idea in this list that hits home. For more tips on doing things a little different in ABQ, check out the Olympus Northpoint blog.