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Rocks are cool. Especially in New Mexico. Around ABQ you can discover jasper, thunder eggs, geodes, quartz, perlite, turquoise, and more in the wild. It’s important to know where to look, because depending on where you are, it can be illegal to take from a state park! Here are a few places nearby where you can hike and take home a souvenir.

Galena King Mine

In the Tijeras Canyon Mining District, east of ABQ, you’ll find a series of mines with reported findings of fluorite, lead, gold, and silver. The mines were originally known for lead, but the Galena King Mine and the nearby Octoroon mine are mineral-rich in fluorite, barite, galena, and quartz.

Isleta Pueblo

On the border of the Bernalillo and Valencia County Line, just east of Isleta Village Proper, is the Isleta Pueblo area with draws and washes where past rockhounders have found opal, opalized wood, and agatized wood. 

Turquoise Hill

Northeast of ABQ is the mountain area known as Turquoise Hill where other rockhounders have reported finding surface jasper and agates.

Rockhound State Park

Rockhound State Park is aptly named, with an abundance of minerals in the area. The park was built for rockhounders. You can freely collect up to 15 pounds a day. It’s a bit of a drive from ABQ, but there is great camping, hiking, and mineral finding to be done!

Mama’s Minerals

If you need to stock up on gear, learn more about rockhounding, or cut to the chase and just purchase minerals, check out Mama’s Minerals in ABQ, your one-stop rock and fossil shop. If you’re looking for mines and hot spots from other rockhounders, is a great resource to get out there!

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