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Couple of friends taking a selfie with fake mustache props near Olympus Northpoint



No-Shave November is here at Olympus Northpoint, and chances are you’re taking part in our month-long contest. But now that the month is wrapping up, you may be thinking about going back to your old, polished look. Not so fast! Hear us out. Have you ever considered a Fu Manchu? What about the handlebar? Need more details before you commit? Read on for a few favorite facial hairstyles to consider before shaving it all off.

Fu Manchu

This iconic face haircut is named for a fictional film character and traditionally consists of a full mustache with two long “tendrils” that continue downward, past the chin, and into oblivion.


This elongated mustache is similar in shape to the Fu Manchu but is often chunkier. Like the Fu, it begins as a mustache, then travels downward but ends at the jaw. Some people also refer to this as a biker moustache. Hulk Hogan is a proud proponent of this style.

Handlebar Mustache

The name for this mustache actually describes a couple of unique facial hairstyles. One version consists of a long ’stache with ends that extend off to the sides, like the handlebars of a bike, such as the one worn by legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. There’s also a popular version in which the ends are curled upward using a mustache wax or oil.


Really, who knew this was a thing? Popular in the 19th century, you might be just the person to bring in back! This unique facial hairstyle actually doesn’t involve hair on the face at all, because – you got it! – it’s all on the neck. Famous wearers include Richard Wagner, Henry David Thoreau, and Horace Greeley. Imagine your own luxurious neck mane displayed alongside those luminaries’. It could happen, and it all starts at the end of this month.

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