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Everyone’s favorite holiday has finally arrived – National Beer Day is today! Why not celebrate with a nice, cold beer? Don’t worry, your friends at Olympus Northpoint have got you covered. Stop by our office from 3-5 PM to grab a cold one. And don’t forget your I.D. While you guzzle your beer down, have a gander at some fascinating facts on everyone’s favorite drink.

North Dakota is the Capital of Beer Drinking

According to an article from Thrillist, quoting an article from 24/7 Wall Street, North Dakotans each drank 43.6 gallons of beer in 2013. Niiiice. 

Niels Bohr Had a Sweet Deal

The name may not ring a bell, but this dude discovered the basic atomic structure of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons, laying the groundwork for our current understanding of atoms today. In 1932, the Carlsberg brewing company, a long-time patron of scientific study, invited Niels Bohr to live in a house near its production facilities that featured an indoor tap connected straight to the brewery that poured free beer, all day long. Bohr stayed for 30 years. 

Beer Trends are Always Changing

First, it was the IPA, and then it was the sour. Now it’s both – and more! – just without the alcohol. New-school beer makers like Athletic Brewing Company, Partake Brewing, and Bravus Brewing produce only non-alcoholic craft beer options, with varieties that include the standard IPA, stout, pale ale, and more. And traditional breweries are getting in on the N/A action, too, including Lagunitas Brewing, Samuel Adams, and Three Magnets Brewing.

World’s Oldest Drinkable Beer

The world’s oldest drinkable beer was discovered in 2010, in the Baltic Sea. The shipwreck it was pulled from is believed to have sunk between 1800 and 1830. According to Drinking in America, four professional beer tasters sampled the beer, and one of them remarked that “it did taste very old.” So there you have it, folks! Old beer tastes like old beer. Isn’t science fascinating?

Now that you know some awesome facts about beer, read up on some of the other things we have to share. Check out our blog!


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