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Person making a rustic Christmas wreath on the table



Nothing shows friends and neighbors your commitment to the holiday spirit like a festive wreath hanging from your front door. And today through Thursday, Dec. 24, at Olympus Northpoint, you can snap a photo of yours and send it to our office for a chance to win a $50 gift card! If you’re new to the art of wreath making, this guide will help you get started.

Gather the Goods

There are a few basic items you’ll need regardless of how you choose to decorate your wreath: An 18-inch metal or grapevine frame, 22-gauge florist’s wire, wire cutters, floral shears, different types of foliage, a ribbon for hanging, and a glass of beer or wine. When it comes to the foliage, you can trim some branches off your Christmas tree if you have one (or ask a friend to save their trimmings for you). You also may be able to forage your own in Cibola National Forest, find something to use at a flower or garden shop, or order branches online, like these available on Etsy.

A note on wreath frame options: Both metal and grapevine frames work great, but grapevine is especially nice if you’re crafting a less-full style of wreath and the frame may be visible. Metal frames are painted green, so if they show through a little, it’s no big deal, but grapevine frames are attractive on their own, so they can even enhance a sparser design. Your choice!

Trim & Organize Your Greenery

Lay out all your greenery and trim each piece so it’s about 6 inches long. Then use a small piece of wire to bind each type into several small bunches – 24 should do.

Begin Building

Tuck the stems from each bunch into the frame and use a 4-inch piece of wire to attach it, wrapping the wire around the stems a few times to ensure they are secure. Build your wreath a section at a time, attaching two or three pieces until the frame is no longer visible. For the next section, use a different material, alternating around the frame until it’s completely covered.

How Does it Look?

When you’re done, stand back and take a look. If it seems like it could use a little more color, attach dried flowers, tie a couple ribbons around it, or add a few small decorations from your tree. When it’s ready to hang, tie your hanging ribbon to the top and drink the beer or wine. You did it!

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